June 18, 2018

Mike Shields and Tyler Lucas Promotions

by Chris Vigil, San Diego PM
I would like to congratulate Mike and Tyler on their recent promotion to Lead Senior HP technician(s) with DeNuke.  Their promotions are both well deserved and hard earned. They have both provided leadership and set examples during their time with us in San Diego.

Mike’s performance was outstanding as the job supervisor aboard the USNS Bridge in Everett, Washington.  His logistic skills were a key factor in DeNuke’s completion of that job ahead of schedule and under budget. The USACE representative commented on how DeNuke’s outstanding performance, under Mike’s tutelage, was consistent with DeNuke’s performance in San Diego aboard two other Navy ships.

Tyler’s performance has been outstanding in handling the huge survey challenges aboard the USS Essex.  His lessons-learned aboard other naval vessels were applied here to efficiently implement surveys and job coverage plans.  Tyler’s leadership has been a key factor in pushing DeNuke’s scope a month and a half ahead of schedule, which delighted the U.S. Navy because it allowed them extra time to develop future radiological control work plans and schedules.

Mike and Tyler are both ex-Navy nukes.  Their past experience aboard naval vessels has been vital in the communication, planning, and implementation of DeNuke’s radiological control program aboard these ships.  Examples of their safe work practices have contributed significantly to the fact that DeNuke Services has not had a single safety infraction from any of the three shipyards, nor the U.S. Navy, since DeNuke started this project more than a year ago.

I would like to thank Mike and Tyler personally for a job well done.  Their time and effort into this project have had an extremely positive impact.  Their dedication and hard work are a credit to both of them and to DeNuke Services.

 Bravo-Zulu Mike and Tyler!