June 18, 2018

Streamlined Procurement Allows Celeritex to Take Over WIPP MLU Operations in Record Time

By Fred Gardner  Celeritex completed transition and assumed full management of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Mobile Loading Unit (MLU) prime contract in only five months after the company was conceived — a very short period of time for a SBA 8(a) Joint Venture certification and a win on a DOE prime contract procurement. Celeritex is a new company formed in April 2012, to bid the Mobile Loading Unit project and other DOE jobs.  

 The Atlanta SBA Office oversaw the formation and certification of the 8(a) JV. The contract was procured by the DOE Carlsbad Area Office and Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center procurement groups working together collaboratively.

 Shortly before the RFP was released Greg White, Project Services Group (PSG) President and John Coffman, DeNuke President agreed to form Celeritex. The MLU RFP was released April 10th. After execution of the LLC agreement on April 25th and submission of the proposal on May 17th, Celeritex underwent a financial audit and a thorough SBA review, receiving SBA 8(a) certification on August 15th. DOE notified Celeritex of the MLU award on August 27th. Full contract operations were achieved nationwide on November 1st.

 Celeritex, LLC, an SBA-approved 8(a) SDB Joint Venture (JV) Company, dba Celeritex Services, is a joint venture between PSG, an experienced 8(a) project management company and DeNuke Contracting Services, Inc. (DeNuke), a small business specializing in technical services and staffing for nuclear projects. “We formed this JV to capitalize on the strengths and experience of both firms in our two respective core skills, prime contract management and project staffing,” said Greg White CEO, Celeritex.

“We have the first contract, based on a very timely idea and great follow through by the team. Now safe and reliable execution is our responsibility. We’re ready to focus on the needs of our first customer, the WIPP program,” said John Coffman, President.