June 18, 2018

DOE – ANL Waste Management and Radiological Control Technicians

DeNuke has two BOA contracts for staffing support services including radiological control and health physics support and waste management support. DeNuke provides qualified radiological control technicians/supervisors, health physicists, and CHPs to support ANL nuclear D&D projects. DeNuke supports the D&D of ANL hot cells, waste management facilities.

We provide  qualified junior and senior waste management personnel to support the ANL Waste Management and Nuclear Operations Divisions including Project Managers, Waste Specialists, QA Engineers, Technical Staff, Procedure Writers, Project Planners, and Nuclear Safety Engineers. DeNUke engineers develop and oversee implementation of the ANL RH TRU waste management program by developing payload plans for the RH 72B shipping cask to WIPP under the WIPP WAC and QAPjP.