June 18, 2018

DOE – LANL MDA B Project – Technial Support to the MDA B Project (Task 24 and Task 3)

DeNuke is subcontracted to Portage Inc. the prime environmental remediation and restoration contractor, and is providing radiological control, ES&H, and analytical services under both MDAB-1 and MDAB-2.

Work at the Material Disposal Area B (MDA B) is being performed in accordance with the LANL Federal Facility Compliance Act (FFCA) and New Mexico Environmental Department regulations. One of the primary project objectives of this legacy site where waste was disposed in trenches is to conduct work with no contaminant releases and health and safety incidents as local businesses are within 75 ft of the work zone.

The principal contaminants of concern are radioactive and contaminated laboratory wastes, debris and waste products, with potential for chemical contamination such as containers of solvents, chemical mixtures, and corrosive liquids and gases. DeNuke provides radiological engineering, radiological control, instrumentation, and remediation project planning support.