February 26, 2018

DOE – LANL Waste Disposition Project (WDP) – Support Services for the WDP

DeNuke, as a subcontractor to Portage on the LANL Waste Disposition (WDP) project, provides support of production planning activities, monthly earned value reporting, weekly production performance reporting, preparation of various presentations, charts, tables, and other informational material, and responses to ad hoc data calls either internal or external to LANL. DeNuke also provides project control support, including the preparation and modification of project management plans, WDP lifecycle baseline plan and work packages, critical decision packages, schedules, TRU production reports, technical reports and plans, and technical scope descriptions in support of DOE Manual 413.3, and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets.

DeNuke supports Portage with the Waste Disposition Project’s near-term and long-term need for production control and program support to the areas of TRU waste management, certification, and shipping.

DeNuke provides TRU waste inventory support to the Waste Disposition Project to achieve its mission of TRU waste disposition in accordance with the NMED Compliance Order. DeNuke assists Central Characterization Project personnel, as needed, in the identification and preparation of characterization documentation, including Acceptable Knowledge (AK) documentation, for various TRU waste streams.

The Waste Disposition Project is driven by DOE performance metrics and a New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Consent Order to process and ship legacy TRU waste from the LANL waste management area to reduce radiological risk to the public, worker, and environment and to allow for regulatory closure by 2015. Portage provides production control and inventory support as needed to manage preparation of TRU waste packages for characterization and disposition to WIPP in accordance with the Compliance Order from the NMED. DeNuke assists with TRU Waste Database inventory support.