June 18, 2018

DOE – Hanford Rail Removal Project

DeNuke supports Trinity Environmental and Deconstruction and Washington Closure Hanford in an environmental restoration and beneficial reuse project at Hanford. DeNuke was responsible for the proposal development and all of the plans and procedures.

The Hanford Railroad Track Removal and Restoration scope of work is for removal of 30 miles of railroad tracks from the Department of Energy’s Hanford site. The 30 miles of rails are located in seven different locations of the Hanford site. This is a material for service subcontract, where our team member, A&K Steel will keep the salvaged rails as payment (full or partial) for performance of this subcontract.

The team is in the process of  removing, loading, transporting rails, and beneficially reusing the rails and plates. Additional work includes excavating and segregating ties and other removed materials for future loading and transport by others. DeNuke is providing Records Management Support, including onsite access control; Property Management Support through the Beneficial Reuse of Railroad Ties and Plates; and Technical Support Tasks.