June 18, 2018

3 Building D&D Project – Health Physics, NDA, Waste Management, and Radiological Engineering Support

DeNuke provided radiological engineering, waste process engineering, health physics support, NDA technicians and supervision and waste management services as part of an integrated BNFL and contractor team to complete the decommissioning of buildings at the DOE Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Oak Ridge, TN.

Final Status Survey (FSS) Health Physics and Radiological Engineering Services: DeNuke engineers led the planning and execution of data collection and reporting, and preparation of the final reports for DOE and ORISE. DeNuke engineers reviewed and reported results from large area floor monitor from several contractors and performed quality and subject matter expert reviews of data. Working multiple shifts to support operations, DeNuke provided immediate data reviews to ensure completeness and final data quality validation. Anomalies were addressed through a collaborative process that resolved all data gaps and hot spots.

Mixed Waste Processing Design: DeNuke provided chemical process engineering design services to support a team of engineers in the development of the waste disposition plan for highly corrosive Millers Oil recovered from the gaseous diffusion plant cold room traps. These mixed wastes contained high concentrations of fissile uranium. DeNuke provided the process flow diagram, equipment specifications and mass balance to meet safety basis documentation requirements.

Waste Sorting and Segregation: DeNuke provided engineering and technical services to schedule and cost the sorting and segregation of legacy wastes in storage at Oak Ridge. Over 30,000 containers, mostly 100 cubic foot boxes, which contained aged fissile, mixed, hazardous and low‐level radioactive wastes, packaged in the 1980s, were evaluated to develop the most cost effective and compliant plan for inspection, segregation and re‐packaging under the safety basis and technical safety requirements. BNFL completed processing of approximately 20,000 containers in 2005.

Radioactive Waste Shipment: DeNuke personnel prepared and executed hundreds of shipments of decommissioning debris to Envirocare of Utah (EnergySolutions) and EMWMF for disposal. These shipments consisted of over 900 intermodal shipments by rail and 300 shipments by trucks (~150 to Envirocare and 150 to EMWMF). The shipments included preparation of all shipping papers and characterization data review prior to shipment preparation.

NDA Technician Support: DeNuke recruited and provided NDA technical staff to the NDA Group, to operate the Uranium Waste Monitor (UWM), ISOCS and ISOCARTs and passive neutron slab counters. Technicians were trained to take measurements of holdup and enrichment.

Gas Flow Proportional Counter efficiency determination: DeNuke performed radiological engineering services for the review and development of the technical justification of the efficiency determinations for the gas flow proportional counters employed for the direct measurement of surface contamination. These calculations evaluated detector response as a function of variable Tc‐99 concentration and uranium enrichment. ORISE and DOE accepted the calculations for acceptability and conformance to standards.

Claims/REA Support: For the last two years of the project DeNuke provided staff in support of a 40‐person claims team. DeNuke provided document controls, cost estimating, scheduling, and waste management staff. The team was successful in closing out the project.