June 18, 2018

DOE – Legacy Management Office – FUSRAP Sites (Miamisburg and Canonsburg) – Legacy Management

DeNuke provided environmental radiological engineering consulting and services to Stoller on its Legacy Management Project with the DOE Office of Legacy Management. DeNuke developed derived concentration guidelines (DCGLs) for the Canonsburg FUSRAP site. This was performed for various receptors under multiple transport and exposure mode assumptions. These assumptions and the final DCGLs were negotiated with the NRC and were approved for use at the site. DeNuke developed and executed the environmental assessment plan at the site. DeNuke used its own personnel and equipment to perform the GPS enabled survey. DeNuke also provided the following support:

  • Authoring and providing the assessment report.
  • Modeling and criteria development expertise and final assessment and regulatory interaction related to closure programs and reports.
  • Regulatory understanding and experience while shepherding complex technical projects to completion.

DeNuke also performed the following support:

  • Developing DCGLs approved for use by the NRC.
  • Preparing the criteria engineering and assessment report for submittal to the NRC.
  • Developing and executing the field surveys assessment.
  • Authoring and submitting final assessment report.
  • Maintaining a strong procedural basis for the majority of activities which resulted in minimal process development.
  • Maintaining active cost management systems whereby DeNuke Project Managers and Clients were able to track and understand the current status of progress in the field. Tools were used to maintain open and constructive communication between DeNuke and the Clients allowing for scope modification to be performed on-the-fly.
  • Meeting or exceeding expectations and providing a high quality product.
  • Preparing the criteria engineering and assessment report for submittal to the NRC.
  • Preparing the environmental final status survey plan through careful planning and execution of work resulting in few errors.