June 18, 2018

DOE – ANL Bldg. 200 MA and MB Wings Characterization Project

DeNuke provided the complete resources for a full facility characterization of the Building 200 MA and MB Wings structures, systems and components, piping and ventilation, soils, and groundwater.  At completion of the site characterization activities DeNuke provided a comprehensive Characterization Report for determination of hazardous and radiological conditions of the building and systems to aid in the decommissioning and demolition planning.

The characterization fieldwork activities included:

  • Surveys of the building surfaces and structures including; scanning , surface activity measurements, exposure rate measurements
  • Radiological and hazardous material sample collection including; smears, building drain media, system debris sampling, surface and subsurface sampling using geoprobe sampling equipment
  • Asbestos sampling including pipe insulation, floor tiles, mastics, and roof media.
  • Lead and PCB sampling of paints and other suspect materials

DeNuke provided field In-Situ Gamma Spectroscopy measurements for an extremely sensitive indication of the presence of gamma-emitting radionuclides on the ground and in near surface soils.

Characterization surveys included; gross alpha and beta contamination, removable contamination, dose rates, radioactive air sampling, organic vapor monitoring, mercury vapor monitoring, x-ray fluorescence for lead, asbestos, beryllium, and PCBs.

DeNuke provided turn-key characterization services to the project which includes; all radiological controls personnel, health and safety manager, project management, lab instrumentation and calibration, off-site laboratory analysis specification development and result analysis, training, all associated plans, policies, and procedures, and record management.  DeNuke provided Messrs. Paul Jones and Jim Berger, CHP as the Project’s Technical Specialists responsible for characterization planning and execution; including the screening and segregation of radiological wastes and characterization report.

DeNuke developed the Health and Safety Plan for the Hot Cell Characterization Project at Argonne National Laboratory in 2012.  During this project DeNuke performed safety surveillances and assessments, performed oversight for all characterization activities.

Scope included mobilization, permitting, setup, and demobilization of offices, equipment storage, and facilities. DeNuke provided all Technical Documentation Preparation including;

  • Health and Safety Project Plan and associated Job Safety Analyses
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan
  • Sampling and Analysis Plan including Data Quality Objectives
  • Final Characterization Report;