June 18, 2018

DOE – Gaseous Diffusion Plant – Radiological Assessments, ES&H, Geological Support, and Surveillance and Maintenance

For approximately 50 years, the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Paducah, Kentucky supported Federal Government and commercial nuclear power missions. These operations produced contaminated areas onsite and beyond site boundaries. Presently, the site is transitioning from primarily uranium enrichment operations to shared missions with environmental cleanup, waste management, depleted uranium conversion, deactivation and decommissioning, re‐industrialization, and long‐term stewardship.

Paducah Remediation Services (PRS) PRS was awarded a contract to plan and carry out D&D and environmental cleanup activities at the DOE Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP). DeNuke Contracting Services was given overall management of remediation radiological services. Post transition, DeNuke continued on with PRS providing radiation protection consulting and on‐site staffing for radiation protection during remediation, Environmental Safety &Health, Remediation Planning, and Procurement professionals.

DeNuke Contracting Services, Inc. DeNuke provided initial transitional services for PRS during the startup phase of the project. This included conducting due diligent assessments of the existing radiological control facilities and programs to determine a transition plan from which transition and upgrade costs could be estimated. DeNuke worked with PRS IT services to develop a workstation‐by-workstation communications and systems transition plan for the project. DeNuke developed procurement specifications and managed the acquisition of dosimetry services, radiological analytical vendors, instrumentation, calibration services, and personal protective equipment. DeNuke coordinated the transition of all radiological protection program documents (over 750 documents were identified and transitioned) and systems including the development of program documents and systems where none where available for transition. DeNuke developed the PRS Radiation Protection Program (RPP) document for approval by the DOE. DeNuke provided Human Resources assistance in the form of interviewing, assessing, and hiring remediation personnel.

Transition Support: DeNuke led the hiring of over 200 incumbent employees for PRS during the 2006 transition from Bechtel Jacobs to PRS. Currently DeNuke staff members have been supporting the LATA/Sharp team with the current transition, providing procurement, accounting, compliance and safety support staff.

Radiological Protection and Assessment Activities: DeNuke maintained the instrumentation calibration and maintenance program, training and certification program, survey and release program, workplace control and monitoring program, personnel monitoring program, dosimetry program, the source accountability and control program, the overall record keeping and management program and reporting program, and the ALARA program. DeNuke surveyed several hundred acres to assess potential contamination issues. DeNuke preformed equipment and material release assessments on a daily basis.

Environmental Safety and Health Services: DeNuke provided ES&H staff to support project activities. DeNuke personnel provided technical support and oversight in a variety of areas related to occupational safety and health: monitored and supported daily work activities; provided project planning and execution support for safety and health requirements including integrated safety management system (ISMS); lead in the preparation of work packages, Health and Safety (H&S) plans and Activity Hazard Analyses (AHAs), and in the development and deployment of H&S-related procedures, instructions and training to meet 10 CFR 851 and other DOE requirements. DeNuke personnel were also responsible for supervision of Field Safety Representatives. Other services included daily workplace walk down assessments and reports, developing AHA/JHAs under a rigorous ISMS process, providing AHA/JHA orientation and training for crews and management. DeNuke safety professionals provided workplace industrial hygiene monitoring and assessment. DeNuke also provides receipt and workplace safety inspections of equipment and materials.

Procurement and Planning Services: DeNuke provides procurement and planning personnel to perform the following activities:

  • Create resource loaded field schedules for the Decontamination & Demolition of
  • Inactive Facilities and Environmental Restoration projects.
  • Update schedules on a weekly basis with little input from project team
  • Maintain accuracy of project schedule
  • Track, report progress and highlight areas of concern
  • Provide earned value input for baseline schedule
  • Facilitate regular reviews to ensure scheduled events are occurring in a timely fashion
  • Provide reports as requested by management and project team

Geological Support Services: DeNuke provided personnel to support the Northwest Plume Optimization Project for PRS. The project consisted of the installation and development of large groundwater extraction wells to be plumbed into the existing Northwest Plume Groundwater Treatment System. DeNuke’s geologist performed the oversight of the drilling, well installation, and well development activities performed by the drilling subcontractor. Activities included geologic logging during drilling, records management, keeping records of well materials used, ensuring activities were in compliance with the PRS Work Package, determined well development parameters were met, and other activities as directed by the PRS Field Supervisor.

Surveillance and Maintenance (S&M) Support: The DeNuke onsite Housing and Facility Coordinator (HFC) was responsible for coordinating mobile home trailer deliveries and set up (C-755 and C-743 areas) for use as offices and change house locations for personnel supporting PRS work at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Paducah, Kentucky. DeNuke personnel were responsible for planning and scheduling trailer installations with Front Line Supervisors and sub-contractors (as needed) for activities including, but not limited to, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, and mechanical crafts. Essentially, we were responsible for acting as liaison between S&M Management and support staff including Engineering, Procurement, Accounting, Radiological Controls, and Health & Safety in relation to trailer installation activities.

Additionally, our HFC was responsible for sub-project management of acquiring forklift attachment capacity plates in accordance with applicable safety regulations. Other secondary responsibilities include material requisitions, receiving, cost estimating, and providing input for job-walk downs related to trailer installations. The HFC was also required to ensure adherence to all appropriate work control documents, conduct pre-job briefings, and ensure implementation of PRS’ Integrated Safety Management Systems.