June 18, 2018

DOE – Mound OU-1 – Radiological Protection Plan, FSS Plan, FSS QA Plan, CHPs, Radiological Engineers

The Department of Energy (DOE) Mound Operable Unit 1 (OU-1) is a Region 5 Superfund site located in Miamisburg, Ohio, in Montgomery County about 10 miles southwest of Dayton, Ohio. It is a 306-acre site located approximately 2,000 feet east of the Great Miami River and partially overlying the Buried Valley Aquifer (BVA), a designated sole source aquifer. Since 1948, Mound has operated as a research, development, and production facility in support of DOE’s weapons and energy programs. Mound’s current mission is to support DOE’s efforts in environmental management and to transition the site, in cooperation with the City of Miamisburg, into a commercial or industrial park.

The DOE awarded a prime contract to Accelerated Remediation Company (aRc) for the remediation of 135,000 cu yards of buried waste in OU-1, at the DOE Mound Closure facility in Miamisburg, Ohio. The scope of the contract included contaminated waste remediation, removal, disposition, final status survey, site restoration and closeout of the 15-acre project. DeNuke was a part of the contract team for completing this scope of work.

DeNuke’s services include the development of the Radiological Protection Plan, supporting technical basis documents, policies, and procedures. We provide selection and provision of calibrated instrumentation along with supporting procedures and selection and provision of onsite radiological laboratory instrumentation along with supporting procedures. We developed offsite laboratory procurement specifications following Characterization and Final Status Survey data quality objectives (DQOs). DeNuke developed provisions of the Final Status Survey Plan, the individual Survey Unit Packages, and the Final Status Survey QA Plan. DeNuke provides Certified Health Physics, Radiological Engineers, radiological management and staff, and remediation specialists for on‐site remediation, monitoring and assays. DeNuke provides support of waste characterization and DOT waste shipment surveys. We provide remedial excavation monitoring of buried mixed waste for hazardous and radiological constituents. DeNuke provides verification of waste characterization data to Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) including oversight of the Mixed Waste Screening Laboratory; cost & schedule controls and reporting; waste anomaly Investigations; and reporting large volume material handling.

DeNuke recruited and staffed the radiological controls and on‐site lab staff from local candidates ahead of schedule and on budget. DeNuke is managing the radiological safety programs by providing the Radiological Controls Manager and supporting technical staff for onsite lab operations as a subcontractor to aRc.

Managing Unforeseen Conditions: The OU‐1 aRc Team implemented a project controls plan including detailed planning for numerous potential cost scenarios based on the discovery of unknown wastes. Cost and schedule controls address the potential for unforeseen wastes were integrated into the overall project management and cost controls plan for the remediation of the OU‐1 burial grounds. This time and cost critical project is being managed in a manner that provides DOE with real time daily cost accruals and projections.


  • Mobilized and obtained DOE approval of the RPP in less than 100 days. RPP and associated procedures and three work plans with FSS reports approved.
  • Collective cumulative person rem of 0.010 for duration of project; zero recordable accidents.
  • 204,866 hours worked with zero personnel contamination events January 2007–present.
  • Performed and finalized MARSSIM final status surveys and reports on 19 survey units..
  • ~4,200 soil samples counted at our onsite lab.

The Mound OU‐1 excavation of buried mixed, chemical and radiological wastes was completed in August 2010. Waste anomaly investigation and characterization resulted in 7 different waste streams to 3 different vendors by rail and truck shipments. A total of 1,464 gondola rail cars and 188 trucks of waste for a grand total of 3,348,061 cu ft that has left the Mound site since February 2007. Additional challenges included D&D of the site rail spur and an off property radiologically contaminated sanitary sewer line. A total of five multi‐acre Final Verification Survey efforts, encompassing 25 survey units were also completed at project end.