June 18, 2018

Melton Valley LLW / TRU Waste Project

For clients TetraTech and Foster Wheeler, DeNuke provided technical and project management staff in support of processing for disposal at WIPP and NTS of contact handled (CH)  TRU wastes, Remote Handled (RH) Waste and RH sludge generated at ORNL, West Valley and NFS from radioisotope production and nuclear fuels development. DeNuke provided technical staff to the TRU project in the following areas:

  • WIPP Waste Certification Manager for program and procedure development including Visual Examination Technique, Reconciliation of Data Quality Objectives, WIPP Waste Information System (WWIS) Data Entry, Project Level V&V, Certification of Waste Packages for WIPP, Reconciliation of Acceptable Knowledge(AK), and Statistical Sampling & Analysis.
  • Engineering Manager for completion of construction of the TRU Remote-Handled waste processing cell, sludge evaporators and final sludge handling system.
  • Prime Contract Administrator for development of contract modifications, cost and schedule analysis and justification and day-to-day contract administration for the DOE prime contract.
  • Cost/Schedule Control Manager for collection and reporting of project performance data and forecasts using Primavera.
  • Document Control/Procedure Writer for the development, review, storage and distribution of controlled documents in accordance with the project QA Program.
  • Acceptable Knowledge Experts and Radiochemistry Subject Matter Experts for preparation of Defense Waste Determinations and analysis and reporting of AK in accordance with WIPP requirements.
  • Quality Assurance Manager for implementation of the project Quality Assurance Project Plan and project surveillance support.