June 18, 2018

NRC – Agreement State Licensing Support – Uranium Mining and Milling

DeNuke provided a variety of environmental assessment and consulting services to Strathmore Resources, who is in the process of attaining uranium mining and milling permits around the United States and abroad. DeNuke has developed a comprehensive set of radiological safety and operations documents to support projected mining and milling activities. This included the licensing of a Tritium well logging unit. Most recently DeNuke provided a baseline radiological assessment of four sections of land (649 acres each) and has developed hundreds of characterization plans and reports. DeNuke is currently developing the baseline assessment report.

DeNuke environmental technicians remain at the Strathmore Roca Honda site to support well development and hydrological assessments.

DeNuke is performed a baseline environmental characterization of 3,200 acres in Grants, New Mexico for Strathmore Resources in preparation for a uranium mining and milling licensing permit. DeNuke developed the survey approach and laboratory specifications based on a detailed review of NRC and New Mexico State regulations, as adapted to 2010 technologies and present environmental concerns. What we came up with was a step wise approach, which allows us to tailor the survey process as we go, based on what we find – thus allowing our technical folks and more importantly, our Client, to have direct input on how much detail versus cost is really desired at this juncture. So far, it seems to be working out well. Whenever possible, DeNuke hired local folks for this project. The technicians have covered almost 2,000 acres in one month, plus proceeded walkover scan data-to-date and developing a comprehensive, yet cost effective, sampling strategy, which will lead to the development of correlations between direct gamma, dose rate, and radionuclide content by soil type and anomaly.

All of this will be organized into a final radiological survey report for submission to the State of New Mexico. The baseline survey is one small step in the very long process of developing a stable and consistent fuel supply for the coming U.S. Nuclear Power renaissance.