June 18, 2018

PIDUS at the Y-12 NNSA Plant – Y-12 UMC 9720 Scrap Yard Cleanup Project

DeNuke Services included: Removal, processing, packaging, transportation and disposal of scrap metals and debris from the 9720‐16 scrap yard inside the PIDUS at the Y‐12 NNSA plant. The Q-cleared work included shredding of classified legacy waste containers using a shredder provided by DeNuke. DeNuke provided all personnel, equipment, materials and supervision to size reduce equipment and materials located at B&W Y‐12 Scrap‐Yard, along with packaging, and transportation of the mixed waste to Nevada Test Site, Las Vegas, NV, for disposal. This work is part of the Unneeded Materials and Chemicals (UMC) Program. At the completion of the project the 9720‐16 scrap yard was cleared area free of debris, vegetation.

DeNuke evaluated the UMCs lots and conducted preliminary sorting and segregation of materials for disposal. The Nevada Test Site (Mercury, Nevada) was the disposal site for the low-level waste and classified low-level waste from this scrap-yard. DeNuke engineered, procured, delivered and operated a portable waste shredder for volume reduction, water removal, and classified content destruction.

The shredder was designed and used to allow collection of liquids and separation of the liquids from the shredded solids. The UMCs in the area had flowable water and accompanying high moisture contents contained inside which was removed to meet NTS disposal profiles requirements. Some legacy shipping containers had components inside that could not be shredded without prior internal inspection. Waste packaged for shipment to NTS was prepared in accordance with the Company’s approved NTS Certification Program.

Containers with classification concerns were identified by B&W. Containers and components segregated for classification concerns were handled in accordance with the approved security plan. Unforeseen materials were encountered and segregated and returned to storage for disposition by B&W. DeNuke procured packaging (top loading 20′ IP 1 cargo containers) for NTS waste shipments in accordance with B&W procurement protocols and ISO 9000 QA requirements. DeNuke executed the Sampling & Analysis Plans supported characterization for waste streams targeted for the Nevada Test Site. For other waste streams, Sampling and Analysis Plans generated by DeNuke were employed.

DeNuke packaged 42 IP-1 containers in accordance with the NTS WAC. In all over 500,000 pounds of waste were processed and dispositioned from the scrap yard, including vegetation, lead batteries, mixed wastes, oversize/overweight machine tool components, mixed waste liquids, cadmium inserts and over 1,700 classified legacy shipping containers.

Challenges and Risk Mitigation: A number of workarounds were needed to bring this fixed price contract to conclusion on schedule. These involved significant coordination between B&W Y‐12 and DeNuke managers, supervisors, and craft.

Moisture discovered in a loaded container during a pre‐shipment inspection resulted in a modified loading procedure, repackaging of containers, and revision to the shipping plan. Water issues were successfully implemented using this approach.

A safety time‐out was called to address shear operations under electric cables over the work area. To make up for this delay, additional overtime during weekends was necessary to ensure timely completion. The project was completed on schedule.