June 18, 2018



Staffing and Recruiting

Health Physics

        • Certified Health Physicists
        • Decommissioning
        • Waste Management
        • MARSSIM
        • Accelerator Health Physics
        • DOE Radiation Protection Management
        • Health Physics Technicians

Radiological Engineering

        • Final Status Survey (FSS)
        • NRC Regulations
        • Shielding Engineering
        • Reactor and Accelerator Activation Analysis
        • Instrumentation Engineering

Waste Management

        • Waste Management Plans
        • Reactor D&D
        • Hot Cells


DeNuke also supports remediation of hazardous and radioactive areas using skilled field technicians and equipment.

Nuclear Engineering

DeNuke provides nuclear reactor core activation analysis using Monte Carlo programs, shielding design for high level waste (HLW) processing systems and development of detailed cost estimates for large scale decommissioning projects.

Decommissioning Cost Estimating

DeNuke provides expert staff experienced in creating plans, strategies and approaches to D&D of reactors, hot cells, waste management facilities, industrial facilities, and weapons manufacturing plants.


      • 3 day Basic Shipper (Initial) $795
      • 3 day Advanced Shipper (Requal Only) $795
      • 5 day Advanced Shipper (Initial) $1295
      • 2 day IATA Course $495
      • 5 day 40 hour Hazwopper (Initial) $1295
      • 1 day / 8 hour Hazwopper $495