June 18, 2018

Health Physics

Certified Health Physicists – DeNuke employs CHPs and Radiological Engineers with competency in the following areas.

Decommissioning, planning and implementation of radiation protection programs for decommissioning of nuclear facilities, including weapons plants, fuel fabrication facilities, research laboratories, hot cells, and industrial facilities.

Waste Management, development and review of plans for waste characterization, packaging transportation, processing and disposal.

MARSSIM – Facility Final Status Surveys including planning and design, instrumentation, data collection and management, and reporting.

Accelerator Health Physics – Radiation shielding, instrumentation and measurement of complex neutron and gamma fields, transport of muons and high-energy particles, maintenance of target systems, maintenance planning and supervision.

Reactor Health Physics – Research and power reactor operations and decommissioning health physics, NRC licensing and compliance, water chemistry, air monitoring.

DOE Radiation Protection Management – Management and supervision of DOE operations under 10CFR835 in compliance with all DOE orders and regulations. DeNuke has managed programs for DOE since the early 1980s and successfully navigated through the recent changes and application policies imposed by EPA, EH, DNFSB and pending NRC regulation of DOE sites. DeNuke employees are skilled at developing agreements with ORISE regarding implementation procedures.

Health Physics Technicians – DeNuke provides temporary and long-term health physics technicians with qualifications under ANSI, DOE and NRRPT at all levels of experience – junior, senior and supervisory.