June 18, 2018

Nuclear Engineering

DeNuke provides nuclear reactor core activation analysis using Monte Carlo programs, shielding design for high level waste (HLW) processing systems and development of detailed cost estimates for large scale decommissioning projects. Microshield® is a frequently used program to evaluate shielding, provide transmission and scattering correction factors for detection evaluations and prediction of source term and component packaging requirements. DeNuke has employed Microshield® on reactor D&D packaging, design of gamma shielding around neutron generating accelerators, and to develop inventory data for waste packages.

Computer Codes – DeNuke provides staff with extensive experience in development and applications of advanced computer codes for analysis of radiation transport through all types of media, shields and fuels, inc:

  • MCNP – Monte Carlo Code for N-Particle Transport
  • LAHET – Los Alamos High-Energy Transport Code
  • MCNPX – Merger of LAHET and MCNP for high-energy particle transport
  • DOORS 3.2 – (ANISN, DORT, TORT, GIP, GRTUNCL) One-, Two-, and Three-Dimensional Discrete Ordinates Neutron/Photon Transport Code System
  • SCALE Code Package – Modular Code System for performing:
    • Standardized computer analyses for licensing evaluations
    • Shielding analyses for licensing evaluations
    • Shielding analyses with XSDRNPM and MORSE
    • Activation studies using ORIGEN-S