June 18, 2018

Rad Engineering

Final Status Survey (FSS) under NUREG-1575 (MARSSIM) is a specialty of DeNuke Contracting Services. DeNuke provides highly trained employees and professionals with extensive experience in the development of licensing documentation under State and NRC regulations, and design and implementation of radiological survey procedures for the free release of material, buildings, and out door areas. NRC Regulations have evolved from REG Guide 1.86 to NUREG-1759. This has created a new cadre of regulatory expertise. DeNuke has worked successfully to complete projects for commercial nuclear power and research organizations, by providing licensing and technical basis documentation that resulted in improved cost efficiencies for waste disposal, decommissioning and facility operations under both sets of regulations.

Shielding Engineeringis a science and an art that requires precise modeling, benchmarking and evaluation to provide effective and innovative solutions. DeNuke staff has employed Monte Carlo techniques for prediction of shielding materials and designs. We have used Microshield on numerous geometries and sources to produce accurate predictions of shielding designs. We have worked with neutron sources, neutron accelerators, gamma sources and accelerators, reactors and x-ray devices.

Reactor and Accelerator Activation Analysis employs computer codes developed since the early days at Oak Ridge, Stanford, MIT, Los Alamos, Fermilab, Argonne, and others. DeNuke uses the latest available codes coupled with empirical data to produce usable predictions and assessments of reactor core activation, accelerator component activation, fuel burn up and information to meet reactor and accelerator waste classification requirements.

Instrumentation Engineeringrequires that the environmental, regulatory requirements and usage characteristics for the life cycle use of the instrument are clearly understood. DeNuke provides design, procurement, deployment and calibration of instrumentation for health physics, industrial hygiene and waste management, including competency in TRU assay and characterization, radon measurements and remote monitoring of outdoor and indoor areas for Homeland Security.