June 18, 2018

Staffing and Recruiting

Today’s workforce is a blend of different employment relationships. From full-time, part-time and temporary employees to outsourced and managed service solutions, companies find it not only necessary, but preferable to engage various resources of talent to develop a successful workforce. DeNuke helps clients develop the right employment mix and deliver staffing solutions that enable workforce innovation and drive bottom-line results; however, providing the right employment mix is half of the staffing equation. DeNuke has developed longstanding relationships with many technical candidates, bringing our staffing methodology full circle when it comes to servicing both sides of the employment transaction.

DeNuke’s staffing offerings include:

Temporary Staffing

Temporary or contract staffing is no longer a strategy reserved for high-peak needs or labor shortages. All industries and sectors have adopted this staffing practice as part of their long-term strategy. Whether your demands call for individual contributors or project services — DeNuke is there to help in the initial planning phases through implementation.

At DeNuke, the only thing temporary about our employees is the work they do for you. We built our business model on our long standing relationships with consultants over the years, and consider these relationships our core asset.

Direct Placement

Part art, part science, the process of sourcing and selecting technical talent is a key element in developing and expanding successful organizations. Learning about a candidate’s experience and personality is not as simple as merely reading resumes. Identifying the right technologist is the result of a series of discussions with candidates and employers. Navigating the nuance of client requirements and extracting experience from aspirations are just two milestones along this most human process. The process of communicating, screening, interviewing and on-boarding can use up precious time from employees and leaders within any organization. At DeNuke we streamline the process of staffing and deliver qualified candidates. The result is a successful hire for the long-term, and time-savings in the short-term.

We know that searching for employment is a challenging, time-consuming and emotionally draining enterprise. That is why DeNuke assigns a staffing partner to work with technologists to help develop their careers by exposing them to more companies and informing them of more opportunities. The net result is a more informed candidate, and a more efficient staffing process.